PAINTED FURNITURE with distressed  that is designed specifically for the Indoor looks great and it is also exceedingly purposeful. The rustic touch definitely adds to the whole look of your teak indoor furniture, thus helping you feeling closer to the rustic and enjoying all the comforts of your home indoors.

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Welcome to TEAK WICKER Furniture website, an online gallery which presents special indoor teak furniture and recycled teak furniture. All the furniture we made use of solid teak wood or recycled teak wood with various finishing style: natural fine sanded, rustic, whitewash, black wash, or depend on customer request.

Distressing in the decorative arts is the activity of making a piece of furniture or object appear aged and older, and there are many methods to produce an appearance of age and wear. Distressing is viewed as a refinishing technique although it is the opposite of finishing in a traditional sense. In distressing, the object’s finish is intentionally destroyed or manipulated to look less than perfect, such as with sandpaper or paint stripper. For example, the artisan often removes some but not all of the paint, leaving proof of several layers of paint speckled over wood grain underneath. This becomes the “finished” piece.

Distressing has become a popular design style and decorative art form. The artisan attempts a rustic, attractive, one-of-a-kind appearance or vintage look. The final appearance is often called the patina.

Our missions are excellent in quality, customized order and dependable service. We accept a custom design order for special project (hotel, restaurant, villas, etc) with the best raw material. Our high end quality wooden furniture is different to most of furniture site sellers because we makes furniture from talented Jepara craftsmen and control the process from design to delivery. This allows us to offer the best values on quality furniture. We invite you to visit our website for your furniture stores need and hope you enjoy doing business with us.

One fine technique for giving a face-lift to your home is to bring some texture into it. Decorating with a rustic style involves making use of the natural color and texture of construction materials like wood and metal. The rich texture that comes with rustic furniture adds more style, drama, and movement to your house. Wood rustic furniture also comes with charm. Since it is made of natural material, it easily blends and harmonizes with any room, style or setting.

Rustic teak furniture brings back the nostalgic memory of countryside living into your urban apartment or home. This will keep your home environment more in balance. It never goes out of style and easily harmonizes with any style as long as they are used in limited numbers.

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