Gazebo Pavilion made use from Coconut wood, bengkirai wood,  Teak Wood pillar with fabric Sunbrella, shingle, and alang alang ( thatch )
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Our General

gazebos, are manufactured  by traditional skilled carpenters in Gazebo Directs own factory in Jepara, Indonesia to make sure that they suit the western  (weather) conditions. The gazebos are built in a knock down system; the timbers are  interlocking and the roof comes in panels, with the thatching and facier boards already on it. Easy to install by any landscaper,  builder or home handyman.


The Diamond gazebos have coconut timber posts. The rest of the structure is made out of
‘Bankirai’ or another Indonesian hardwood, depending on  availability.

The Platinum have a complete coconut timber structure. As coconut
trees are the ‘pine trees of the tropics’ and therefore a sustainable resource, we call these gazebos Eco friendly. All the rafters of both gazebos are profiled.

The roof – Thatching is a dried,
Indonesian grass (called: alang-alang). The way Gazebo Direct  builds the roofs, with a 40-degree pitch and a nice, thick layer  of thatching, makes the roofs waterproof.

Depending on the local
circumstances (as wind and moisture), the roofs of our Premium House Knock down and  gazebos should last around 12 years. After that, we can replace the thatching. Alternatively, we can supply you with the  thatching strips and you can nail them on yourself.


All sizes are available from 2.00 m. x 2.00 m. to 4.00 x 6.00 m. and even bigger; with or without floor. Custom made gazebos can be arranged to suit all  kinds of spas, pool sides and that special place in your garden.


You can create your own  special gazebo, with a sheer endless range of options, as: raised
timber floor; stone floor; stone feet; round or square posts; carved posts; half high or high walling or railing;

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