TEAK GARDEN-Garden Extended Table made from durable premium grade hardwood teak harvested from Sustainable Indonesian Government controlled forestry. All of our teak garden benches are made by craftsmen using traditional joinery methods, mortise and tenon joints with teak dowels. Teak hardwood is the perfect material to make outdoor wooden benches as it produces high natural oil content that can withstand the harsh weather environments. Over time teak will weather to a silver grey patina and needs minimal maintenance and with the correct care will last for many years.

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TGF-5007 TGF-5008 TGF-5009 TGF-5010 TGF-5011

Our exclusive garden furniture collection is all made from 100% teak wood – one of the hardest and strongest of all woods known to man. All of our designs are made to the highest quality by skilled craftsmen who use only the finest quality teak wood available to ensure our furniture is not only eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, but also built to be durable and last the test of time.

Special care is taken to make sure that each and every item of furniture we sell has been developed with your comfort in mind and the minimum of maintenance is required to keep your furniture in the best condition possible. We source only the best standard of teak wood for our furniture, and all of our wood is produced from trees which are decades old and are independently verified to ensure their quality

We manufacture of all the products we carry and 100% of all custom projects. You can be assured that all the products The TEAK FURNISHING  has to offer will last for years of enjoyment, we guarantee it.





Our company has experience in the furniture business, it is evident that we have had certification SVLK. In an effort to improve the quality of business and market share of companies still consider the sustainability of forest products and seeks to participate further. With quality experienced workforce we have produced works of high quality furniture. We always strive always innovating to keep abreast of modern furniture design.

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